Raw Feeding for Puppies

Puppies have evolved from wolves and thrive on a diet that mimics wild prey. Raw feeding your puppy will give them the best opportunity to achieve ideal outcomes in all areas of their health and well-being.

Why feed your puppy a raw diet

The calcium content from a raw diet is particularly important for puppies. Throughout this vital stage of development, it’s imperative they continue to receive enough calcium from appropriate sources, after weaning. This way, they are more likely to develop strong and healthy teeth, bones and muscles.

Other areas of you puppy’s health that will benefit from a raw diet include:

  • Development of immune functions
  • Digestion
  • Skin and coat condition
  • Healthy growth and physical development
  • Energy and stamina

Transitioning your puppy to a raw diet

If your puppy was not fed a raw diet before they came to you, it is recommended that you transition them to their new diet slowly. During the transition phase, it is normal for them to experience some digestive issues for a couple of days. However, this can be managed and prevented by following a transition schedule suited to your individual puppy.

Choosing raw food products for your puppy

When choosing a raw food product for your puppy, we recommend that you follow these simple rules, which will involve conducting some research, reading the labels and checking ingredient lists.

  1. Choose human grade
  2. Ensure ingredients and macronutrients are clear and guaranteed
  3. Choose a complete and balanced diet

Proudi® Raw Frozen Patties for Dogs are a complete and balanced, 100% human grade, raw food diet with guaranteed ingredients and macronutrients.

Feeding Proudi® Raw Frozen Patties for Dogs to puppies

Puppies have a lot of growing to do and although a raw diet is ideal for their development, premade raw diets are slightly different to their ancestral wolf diet.

Due to their underdeveloped biochemistry, puppies can struggle to digest rich proteins (lysine).  For this reason, wolves tend to swallow prey almost whole and regurgitate it for their young pups, making their meal nice and diluted.

This means undiluted rich proteins, like the Proudi® roo and beef varieties for dogs could potentially can be too high in lysine for young puppies to handle.

Proudi® Frozen Raw Chicken Patties for Dogs, however, are perfect for puppies.  The lysine level is low enough for puppies to digest with no potential issues.  When your puppy reaches 80% of their anticipated adult weight, they can safely eat any of the Proudi® Raw Frozen Patties for Dogs varieties.

Proudi® Raw Frozen Chicken Patties for Dogs feeding guide for puppies

Please use the guide below when feeding your puppy Proudi® Frozen Raw Chicken Patties for Dogs, up until they weigh at least 80% of their anticipated adult weight.