Our Environmental Journey

We are all responsible for a better future

Two years ago, we embarked (excuse the pun) on a mission to create the best quality and nutritious food for dogs and cats on the market. Our aim was to spread the raw feeding movement further and wider, creating a generation of healthier dogs and cats and educated pet parents.

While the raw feeding movement is growing, as is awareness of environmental impact and the importance of minimising waste and carbon emissions.

We’re changing our packaging to reduce waste

Although a little sad, we have made the decision to say goodbye to our heart-shaped patties and introduce a new rectangular patty. Our new shape is the first step in a packaging change that will allow us to reduce plastic used in packaging, as well as significantly reduce production wastage and freight emissions.

We are implementing a soft-change, so you will see the new shape and packaging roll out over the coming months. However, all existing packaging will continue to be utilised, rather than sent to landfill.

The effects of our new packaging will be seen everywhere from a reduction in non-recyclable waste, a reduction in our factory’s production waste, and a reduction in freight emissions. Not to mention, the space you’ll save in your freezer!

Rest assured that despite this change, Proudi will continue to be made with love. We will continue to use the same snap-freezing technology to keep our nutritious patties safe and convenient for use, and our expertly formulated recipes will remain the same. Our rectangular patties will remain the same weight as our hearts, and as such our feeding guides will not change.

What it means for the environment

We estimate this change will result in a 30% reduction in plastic wastage as well as a significant reduction in carbon emissions. We are proud of our first step in a journey towards greater sustainability and a more significant environmental focus for our business.

In 2020, we will continue our pursuit of environmental improvement and aim to further reduce our impact through more innovative changes to packaging and production.

Why we use plastic at all

We continue to hold the safety of our consumers (the dogs and cats) with the utmost regard. By sealing our patties in individual plastic wrappers, we are assured that they can safely be defrosted in single servings for daily feeding.

Additionally, Proudi is 100% human-grade and therefore packaged and distributed using human grade methods. As is done with human-grade supermarket meats, we wrap our patties in plastic, reducing the risk of contamination of any sorts.

If you have any questions about this change and its effects, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@proudi.com.