Raw Feeding for Kittens

Raw fed kittens truly thrive. As obligate carnivores descendant from North African wildcats, their diet should mimic the whole prey they naturally hunt in the wild. This consists of raw muscle meat, bones and organs. Your kitten might even start to show you their predator behaviors and hunt birds, lizards and rodents around the house.

Why Feed your Kitten a Raw Diet

Cats cannot survive without protein from meat. Protein is the only nutrient they are able to burn for energy. The various nutrients they get from meat fuels every function in their bodies so if they aren’t getting enough, their health will suffer.

Your kitten will benefit from a raw food diet in the following areas of health:

  • Development of immune functions
  • Digestion
  • Skin and coat condition
  • Healthy growth and development
  • Oral health
  • Energy and stamina
  • Hydration

Transitioning your kitten to a raw diet

If your kitten has not been raw fed previously, it is recommended that you transition them to their new diet slowly

Kittens can take longer to transition to their diet than puppies. They are weary of change and therefore tend to be fussier eaters. But remember, your kitten was built to consume raw meat and bones, just like their cousins in the Sahara.

Choosing Raw Food Products for your Kitten

With a growing abundance of raw food options for your kitten, we recommend that you stick to these rules when choosing your products.

  1. Choose human grade
  2. Ensure macronutrients and ingredients are transparent and clearly listed
  3. Choose a complete and balanced diet

Adhering to these guidelines will certainly require that you read the labels and ingredient lists carefully. It may also require that you conduct some additional research into the products and brands.

 Proudi® Raw Frozen Patties for Cats are a complete and balanced, 100% human-grade, raw food diet with clearly listed and transparent ingredients and macronutrients.

Feeding Proudi® Raw Frozen Chicken and Turkey Patties for Cats to Kittens

Proudi® Raw Frozen Patties for cats are suitable for weaned kittens aged 6 weeks and older. They satisfy all of the nutritional guidelines for growing kittens as per 3 international pet food standards. It is recommended that kittens commence feeding on the Proudi® Raw Frozen Chicken and Turkey Patties for Cats, due to a higher thiamine level, which is beneficial for kittens. After 5 months of age, both of the Proudi Raw Frozen Patties for Cats formulas are equally suitable.

Proudi® Raw Frozen Chicken and Turkey Patties for Cats- Feeding guide for kittens

Proudi® Raw Frozen Chicken and Turkey Patties are great for kittens! However, the feeding guide provided on the packaging only applies to adult cats. Please refer to the feeding guide below when feeding your kitten, up until they are 5 months old.